Pilates has long been established as a method of exercise used for rehabilitation following injury, injury prevention, general strength and wellness. By combining the principles of Josef Pilates with the training, skills and aptitude of our Pilates for functional movement we are able to provide second-to-none rehabilitation programs specifically tailored to your needs.

Our well-equipped Cottesloe Pilates studio is overseen by Physiotherapists with 500 hours training and special interest in adapting traditional Pilates exercises to assist in your return to full function or to maintain an active lifestyle.

Our sessions will have only a maximum of 4 participants and your program can change each session and is specifically designed for you, by your instructor.


Assessment Consultation - 1on1 with Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor with a full muskuloskeletal assessment and injury history. Real Time Ultrasound Assessment of your deep core muscles and breath training as per the fundamentals of Pilates.

**This is a requirement before you join the sessions**

1on1 - Private session with Physiotherapist to guide you through exercises and rehabilitation.

Studio Session - Maximum of 4 participants.